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  VIDEO: Social Enterprise Launch Formula Webinar

GOOD HUSTLE is a 10 week program to design your social enterprise.

We kick off June 3, 2019.

This Social Enterprise Launch Formula Webinar (below) presented by Tom Dawkins and Kate Clugston is a FREE to watch on demand. Enjoy!

In this webinar we cover:

1) What is a social enterprise

2) What do we mean by "launch"?

3) The 5 Cs Launch Formula ~ StartSomeGood's formula for successfully launching social enterprises, social good campaigns and projects. With 6+ years of experience supporting over 1000 changemakers to raise over $12 million AUD, we want to share our formula with you to help you create a big impact with your launch.

4) Q&A with the live audience

5) Announcement about Good Hustle - a 10 week program to help you design and launch your purpose-driven business.

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