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  VIDEO: Social Enterprise Launch Formula Webinar

We ran this webinar live on May 2nd.

Given it's a live recording we take some time to settle in and welcome everyone. Feel free to jump forward to the 9min mark when we officially begin the workshop.

In this webinar we cover:

1) What is a social enterprise

2) What do we mean by "launch"?

3) The 5 Cs Launch Formula ~ StartSomeGood's formula for successfully launching social enterprises, social good campaigns and projects. With 6+ years of experience supporting over 1000 changemakers to raise over $12 million AUD, we want to share our formula with you to help you create a big impact with your launch.

4) Q&A with the live audience

5) Announcement about Good Hustle - a 10 week program to help you design and launch your purpose-driven business.

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